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Brad Brad
Brad Shreve is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist with a great rock-n-roll sensibility and a potent set of pipes. He’s also a doting father, an adoring husband and a motivated business owner who goes to great lengths to artfully operate his two stores, Larry’s Music Centers of Wooster and Millersburg. As an avid music history buff, Shreve keeps friends and Facebook followers entertained and educated with “this day in history” snippets, interspersed with photos of his blue-eyed Husky beauty, Mia the music store mascot.
Toni Toni
Toni is unusual….as if it isn’t difficult enough to be a great rock keyboardist, she is oddly able to switch gears and play complex pieces of classical music as a collaborative pianist at the College of Wooster. As a Public Service Announcement, we feel obligated to warn you that when she sings, you may feel the urge to cry, smile uncontrollably, or enter a state of euphoria. Don’t worry, this is a normal reaction and the only side effect is the urge to hear her again and again. She feels blessed with family, friends and music, and lives for all these things, especially husband Brad and kids Gracie, Noah and Spencer.
Stan Stan
Drummers are unique individuals, and Stan Berry is no exception! Stan is the foundation of everything SOBOS: he has a way of looking at everything from a different angle, which adds an interesting perspective to everything he plays, while keeping the band together with immaculate precision! Stan rocks out on vintage Rogers drums, which he collects and restores.
Tim Tim
You will never witness a live performance with more fiery passion than one given by Tim Opie. Music not only gushes from his soul, but from the very marrow of his bones. He is a self-proclaimed “jammer” and loves a honky-tonk crowd almost as much as he loves his family. Musical influences are wide ranged – Elvis, Ted Nugent, Joe Perry, Stevie Ray, Satriani to name few – but it cooks inside of him and comes out pure Timmy James!
Bill Bill
When you find a bass man who can lock with a drummer, lay down solid lines, have his own unique personality shine through his music, and can also sing, you lock him up and throw away the key! But SOBOS will let him out to play! Bill is a self-taught player influenced musically by his older brother, Tim, Gene Simmons, Geddy Lee, Victor Wooten and others too numerous to mention. Bill has always loved the bass guitar, and no one has more fun on stage than him!